This page is a rundown of my servers which I often use for personal reference, available for public consumption in case it's of interest.


Inspire is my homeserver, it acts as a smart home manager and backup solution for my home.



The OS is Ubuntu Desktop 24.04 LTS. It's rarely connected to a monitor, but using a desktop OS allows me to use it as a Steam in-home streaming server and remote desktop target from my phone.

All web based services are hosted in docker.


Cryo is a heavy duty seedbox and streaming media server assembled, deployed, and operated by me with some help from friends.


The machine is physically hosted in a datacenter operated by PsychzNetworks with redundant power and 1 Gbps networking.


The server OS is Ubuntu 22.04. All software is managed with Docker using multiple docker compose stacks for different related components.

Notable containers we're running: